Bitcoin Ethereum XRP BNB Technical Analysis Chart 10/4/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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22 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Ethereum XRP BNB Technical Analysis Chart 10/4/2018 by”

  1. Kraken is down and we are seeing a dump on ETH, what will follow?

  2. S K

    Top notch and simple and clean . Love the melody to Iceland video .

  3. Thingvellir National Park. Its where you can see the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates pull away from each other.

  4. Strange place indeed, but nice waterfall. I see faces in those rocks 🗿.

  5. Tnx for your video dan, keep up that good work 😀 i like to know your opinion on the website that came online yesterday, claiming to satoshi’s one. Saying something about a new creation that he will bring to the world on the 7th of this month

  6. Looks like game of thrones there

  7. Were those rock formations/edges natural? Or had they been cut to make a path?

  8. Omg! That thumbnail! 🤣😂🤣😂 No sleep zone 💤

  9. Man, you are a smart trader, no doubt……. but bear markets end in CAPITULATION.

  10. S&P has a few things going for it. SPY low was bought up at junction of 50SMA, lower BB and low volume well on volume profile, and the skew isn't particularly elevated, but IV's up a bit.

    Have you considered trading the futures contracts? I'm thinking about giving it a go so I can just close my coinbase account. The difference in fees is just crazy, but maybe there's slippage…

    Also, just found out there's an ethereum classic investment trust security like GBTC, ticker ETCG

  11. Surprised you’re so 5050
    And not more like 65/35 bearish

  12. Dan I am going to quote a famous trader here and I believe this is true with bitcoin right now. " When the news is wonderful and a market can't go up, then you want to be sure to be short " – Michael Marcus

  13. Hi Dan. When you play the equilibrium breakout, where do you place your stop?

  14. I get the descending wedge pattern however…the more the bulls defend support, the more I don’t see this price collapsing. But I’m usually wrong🤪

  15. Thanks dan, I was watching that xrp on the one hour. I was just at the first sign. I got out of my fib retracement study on time. That was fun. So Imearned a penny per coin last night. Hey that’s how I’m gonna take over the world. Like Shawshank redemption. I’m gonna leave the dirt I dig my way out of hell in the yard.

  16. Market cycle location denial. Bitcoin won't enter a bull run until we reach capitulation

  17. So are you moonlighting as an Iceland travel spokesman? I’m going that way after I go to the pyramids. Being homeless is cool if your traveling. I think when I go I’m get rid of my place and just be done with it. Let’s see when we get these bull breaks and the like. I wanna check out all of it before they take another chance to screw more of it up.

  18. sik edits dan. and as always thanks for the schooling!!

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