Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP TRX BNB Technical Analysis Chart 2/10/2019 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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19 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP TRX BNB Technical Analysis Chart 2/10/2019 by”

  1. First 😀 love the vids Dan, always appreciated

  2. Not personally interested in crypto but definitely taking the opportunity to smash the like button. Looking forward to this week's MJ videos!

  3. When the video is not processed yet and you have to watch Dan in 360p 🤦‍♂️

  4. Thanx Dan. Waiting for the trend to change, I missed LTC 40% move, and now it is very risky to enter. If the trend has changed, we can have 100+ gains, if it has not on longer timeframe, this is the way to loose money. Problem is that if you enter when there is trend change confirmation, you are usually the last at the table ;-/

  5. Alessio Rastani makes some very good valid points in this. What is your take on his TA?

  6. Recorded just before daily candle close 7 PM Eastern. Bears hit right on the change to the new day. Still healthy 4 hour charts, let's see how bulls play defense.

  7. Your videos rock! It helps having a reference like your channel to compare my analytics too and see if I'm on point or need to re-analyze the markets. I hope this bull run continues and hope to see more of your great videos too

  8. Why do you use 12 and 26 EMA in all of your charts and what's their significance?

  9. We are maintaining here at 8 pm so far 👏💜

  10. sup dan the man always good to see ur market updates

  11. Thanks for another great vid. What Pivot indicator do you use (with price points)?

  12. Been keeping up with your videos here on YT.. Got in June 2017. Have experienced several crashes in that short time. One good thing the market has showed me is that it has shown me parts of myself I would have not known if I hadn't experienced the great suffering and joy from making and losing so much money.. Like Neo from the matrix in the oracles kitchen, it showed me "know thyself." The market has also gave me a unique perspective on how the world runs and how psychology is used to our gain and loss. I have come to understand and know the only way we can stay up on crypto without more lost, Is through trading. I made research on how I can make legit investment and how I could earn profit on bitcoin and came across a group I was added to get trading insights it members giving thanks and appreciation to a man name Eric Caruso who helped them made profit and newbies said accomplish there crypto dream by showing them how to make profit on tie own, So I sent Eric a message asking him for his help to recover my portfolio because I lost a lot from the crash and to Binance, He agreed and showed me all I needed to know to earn profit. It has been three weeks since I met Eric and got to know about his trading skills, I have made 8btc, If you’re looking for a way to recover your lost or increase your portfolio, You can reach out to Eric Caruso Via email/skype on ericcaruso66@gmailcom or WhatsApp : +447427159640 for crypto insights

  13. I love how much you're a perma bull and give hopium to your followers with your analysis!
    I wonder how well your followers did based on your analysis in the crypto market for 2018 and now in the early 2019? 😂
    TCG Hopium = RECKT bank account!
    PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL GOING LONG IN A BEAR MARKET! TCG will not refund your losses but will continue to give you hope.

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